Jointing & Finishing

Gypsum Plaster Board are available with tapered and square edges. The joints of these boards can be jointed & finished by using specially formulated jointing compound with fibre tape/ paper tape. Jointing & finishing provide smooth, continuous, crack-free lining surface ready for priming and final decoration.

The jointing process normally has three applications :-

1st step: Embedded paper/ fibre tape and bulk filling the joints.

2nd step: Filling jointing compound to make wider the joint to level.

3rd step: To apply thin slurry of jointing compound to get smooth, even surface.


An air-drying, powdered jointing material. Used in the traditional 3-steps of jointing and finishing process.

WEIGHT : 25 kg


Fabre Tape eliminates blisters, bubbles and self adhesive fare. It strengthen joints and can bear the normal contraction and vibration impact.

LENGTH : 90 Meter Roll


Paper tape with center crease and spark perforations, for easy use with jointing compound. Provides excellent crack resistance. Designed for reinforcing flat joints and internal angles manually.

LENGTH : 120 Meter Roll