Base Coat Plaster

Gypstone Basecoat plaster is ready to mix gypsum based plaster suitable for application of internal plastering system. It can be applied directly over the brick/block and concrete surface to eliminate sand cement plaster and finish plaster as pop/putty etc. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates formulated with special additives to enhance working and setting characteristics. It contains light weight aggregates to improve plaster’s workability coverage and application. This product is available in 25 kg packaging in HDEP bag with powder form.

Features :

  • Pre mixed plaster and ready to use (Mix water at site)
  • Can be directly applied on to the brick/block wall or concrete surface.
  • No post curing is required.
  • Faster working thus time saving.
  • No shrinkage cracks to be appeared on surface.
  • High quality finish suitable to desired decoration/painting.

Performance Driver:

Initial setting time(min)15-20
Final setting time(min)20-25
Dry bulk density(kg/m3)730

*Metric Ton for 13 mm thickness

Application Methodology:

  • The surface should pre-wet and removed all loose particles before plastering.
  • Mix Base coat plaster to water in water plaster ratio as 1:2, use steering wheel to get required paste for plastering and avoid lumps.
  • The surface to be plastered, prepared with bull mark/level strip properly to maintain correct line level and right angle of the room.
  • To fill the plaster paste through trowel to require leveling the surface.
  • Finally the surface polished with a thin slurry of this plaster to achieved smooth aesthetic finish.